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The intellectual properties of Shoes by Firebug L.L.C., focuses on the internal illumination of footwear.
Not to be confused with shoes that simply, "have lights". Firebugs’ has created new patented technologies which can internally illuminate both translucent and opaque footwear components. These components include the upper, or portions thereof, the midsole, the entire sole section, as well as the entire footwear (sole section and upper) as with “jelly” type footwear. Firebugs’ various technologies can be embodied in any type of footwear, or combined in varying combinations while embodied in the same footwear item. Firebugs’ technologies not only illuminate footwear components but include various “black-out” techniques so to internally illuminate graphics, logos and etc. In fact, the Firebugs shoe box even embodies an intellectual property which transforms each individual shoe box into an interactive marketing tool. The “Shake Me & Look Inside" interactive shoe box, invites consumers to first shake the shoe box, while then looking through a viewing port so to see Firebugs in action.